It’s easier to catch grammar errors if you aren’t checking punctuation and spelling at the same time. In addition, some of the techniques that work well for spotting one kind of mistake won’t catch others. While editing entails a profound analysis and includes changes regarding structure and content, proofreading takes place once the text is in a more advanced define a narrative essay stage. Both stages of the process of creating a text are extremely important to guarantee its quality. Our pricing is based on the type of service you avail of here, be it editing or proofreading. We charge on the basis of the word count of your manuscript that you submit for editing and proofreading and the turnaround time it takes to get it done.

editing and proofreading the writing

This process consists of revising, editing, and proofreading to create writing that is clear, organized, and effective. Do I need to combine sentences for clarity, precision, variation? To answer this question, most students go through the paper concentrating on one sentence at a time or on two adjacent sentences. If they see wordy repetition, they combine sentences to reduce repeated words and phrases. If they see sentences repeatedly beginning with the subject, they reorder sentence parts.

Verify spellings of names and titles

When you’ve worked hard to develop and present your ideas, you don’t want careless errors distracting your reader from what you have to say. It’s worth paying attention to the details that help you to make a good impression. In fact, it’s common for some publishing houses today to call the first printing of a text “galley proofs” because it is meant for the author to read and make last-minute changes.

Editing, on the other hand, corrects issues at the core of writing like sentence construction and language clarity. A thorough editing will help improve the readability, clarity, and tone of the text. An editor will scrutinize and polish your writing for a smooth narration. Some online editing services offer proofreading as a separate service while some offer it as part of an editing service.


If you’re writing about technical information to an audience that isn’t technically expert, you may need to add a step to eliminate or define technical jargon. If you’re writing to an audience of ten-year olds, you’ll need to consider sentence length more carefully than if you’re writing to an audience of adults. theme essay example Look at each sentence to see whether it contains an independent clause . Pay special attention to sentences that begin with subordinate conjunctions or phrases such as for example or such as. See if the fragment might be just a piece of the previous sentence that mistakenly got separated by a period.

Know your grammar and punctuation rules – or know where to look them up. Are you adding information, contradicting your previous point, providing an example, or concluding a point? All of these would require different transition phrases.

Get a third person to proofread it again

Vary your transitions throughout the paper so you do not use the same ones repeatedly. As you circle, ask yourself if the punctuation is correct. Find two consecutive short sentences.Combine them. Find an expletive construction (e.g. “It is expected that…”).Revise the sentence to have a clearer subject and verb. Find a sentence where you can reduce the number of prepositions (e.g. “in the time of” or “at the bus stop”).Revise it. Our promise to you… You must love every aspect of our quality and service or we insist on refunding you in full—cheerfully and without hesitation.

What’s another word for proofreading?

verb. read for errors. “I should proofread my manuscripts” synonyms: proof. type of: ascertain, assure, check, control, ensure, insure, see, see to it.

In order to break this pattern, it is essential to read the paper attentively again. Printing out the paper also gives you the chance to look at the paper in a different medium, that is, as a hard copy rather than in an electronic format. And if you think the same person can write, edit, and proof their own work, you should be afraid, very afraid of publishing that content. Click HERE for a method to shorten up wordy sentences. Often, the problem is that your sentences are awkward.

Read your paper backwards

The quality of the services is extremely uneven, and target groups of the editing services (e.g., clients, peer-reviewed journals, institutions, and readers) may be shackled by several fallacies. To deal with them, we discuss some myths about academic editing and proofreading services. The process of submitting a paper is very easy and quick. Try to keep the editing and proofreading processes separate. When you are editing an early draft, you don’t want to be bothered with thinking about punctuation, grammar, and spelling. If your worrying about the spelling of a word or the placement of a comma, you’re not focusing on the more important task of developing and connecting ideas.

But never fear to make changes, major changes during revision or minor changes during proofreading. The best papers are those that we give our best thoughts to and those that show we can reject our less-than-best writing. If possible, read out loud so that you can hear each word. Read the entire paper several times, looking for different errors with each reading. Read into a tape recorder, and listen carefully while you play it back.

Some tips that apply to both editing and proofreading

If you want to get an instant price quote for your project, copy and paste your document or enter your word count into ourpricing calculator. Proofread slowly, reading each word from right to left and from bottom to top on the page; in other words, read backwards so that you catch spelling or typing errors. Or read the entire paper from the end to the beginning. By looking at each word–because it will be out of context–you’ll see more of the spelling errors than you catch with your current proofreading process. When proofreading, look first for those problems you know you have. If you know you make errors with sentence punctuation, check all sentences for completeness first. For instance, many proofreading errors involve using commas where semicolons are required.

Often, when we read silently, our eyes skip over small errors, awkward or run-on sentences, and typos. By reading out loud, you force yourself to notice everything from spelling and word choice to the structure of sentences.

Identifying Semicolon Errors

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  1. Experiment with different tactics until you find a system that works well for you.
  2. Stop if one of these words is a subordinate conjunction , a transition word , a participial phrase (such as serving four years in the Navy, he…), or a prepositional phrase .
  3. You may be able to use this “off-topic” idea in the future for a different writing assignment.
  4. Only now should you ask someone else to read through your paper to check for anything you might have missed.
  5. To complete this reader, read each chapter carefully and then unlock and complete our materials to check your understanding.
  6. This technique keeps you from skipping ahead of possible mistakes.
  7. Then read the paper again for each problem teachers have suggested you work on.

Proofreading is the final stage of the editing process, focusing on surface errors such as misspellings and mistakes in grammar and punctuation. You should proofread how to cite articles in an essay only after you have finished all of your other editing revisions. Copy and paste it into a word processor and then proofread it as carefully as you can.

Introduction to Proofreading

It’s hard to edit or proofread a paper that you’ve just finished writing—it’s still to familiar, and you tend to skip over a lot of errors. Put the paper aside for a few hours, days, or weeks. Clear your head of what you’ve written so you can take a fresh look at the paper and see what is really on the page.

  1. If you’re running out of breath, you may have some run-ons.
  2. Your entire essay, you should be looking for general consistency and clarity.
  3. This handout provides nine proofreading tips and strategies for academic writing.
  4. That error-checking can only be done by a careful proofreader.
  5. Your paper should sound smooth, as if you were talking to someone.

If it doesn’t sound right, it probably isn’t right. Your paper should sound smooth, as if you were talking to someone. Try making a paragraph using only your thesis and topic sentences. If not, it may be a sign that your topic sentences are not yet logically guiding your reader through the paper. As the process of revising nears an end, and you are happy with the content, organization, and unity of your essay, you want to begin proofreading. Here are some handy resources to lead you through editing and proofreading your essay. The “finished” paper always takes effort; sometimes it takes sweat and tears.

Find & Replace Repetitive Words

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editing and proofreading the writing

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